About Us

Established in 2001, Fuxin Jintelai Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. is one of the manufacturers engaging in the production of fluorine-contained pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates.

Fuxin Jintelai Fluorine Co., Ltd. is situated in Fluorine Industry Development Zone of Fuxin, Liaoning, and it covers an area of 30000㎡ with the building area of 16000 ㎡.The company owns one pilot workshop, one quality inspection center, two production workshop and one office building; moreover, the company owns many advanced experimental facilities and testing methods, thus the quality of the products can be well ensured.

Main products include: benzotrifluoride, methylbenzene containing fluorine, benzoic acid containing fluorine, pyridine containing fluorine, benzaldehyde containing fluorine and so on,there are 16 series and over 500 kinds of products, which are used in the development and production of new products in pharmaceutical, pesticide and other fields. Relying on technological superiority, the company can produce new products for the pharmaceutical and pesticide manufacturers and scientific research institutes in China every year. Furthermore, many products are exported to Japan, Europe, the U.S., India and other countries and regions.

Take the development road by practical and innovative spirit; serve the old and new customers by integrity and factualism. We would like to cooperate with friends at home and abroad for creating bright future.

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